Take 3: Three weddings and a few-farewells.

After a ram-packed three weeks in the build up to the start of our trip; August felt like the busiest month of our lives. With our leaving date drawing closer, a lot of our conversations seemed to take on a certain Truman Show quality.... In short, we were taking every opportunity to say our goodbyes, even if it meant saying it more than once or trying to invent new ways to do so without it feeling like we were repeating ourselves.

On the first weekend Panch had the  honour of being a Groomsman at the Hanson wedding. As it happened, our newly-wed chums would be taking up residence at 42B for the year - covering our regular costs and giving them a chance to save for their own pad. We love it when a plan comes together! So we spent a few frantic days cleaning and packing the house. Wedding #1 down, a send off party with Pompy friends and TTFN to our Church family on that Sunday before jumping in the car - Cornwall bound.

The next wedding was for Kat's old school friends, congrats to the Doves on a stunning day!

This week was all about final trip details, rucksack packing and spending quality time with the Roddas. So, plenty of clotted cream consumed and a few tears as we set off on the drive "up country" (...as the Cornish like to refer to anywhere beyond Bodmin Moor!)

Two days until departure, we head up to Solihull for the Harrington wedding. As the father of the bride, 'uncle Geoff', mentioned in his speech, "Us Millers know how to throw a good party!" A great way to spend time with the northern contingent and Gran Miller, who is pressing on for her first century and still going strong - she'll out live us all!

Three weddings down and one sleep to go. We made our way down to Bristol having clocked over 1000miles in the fiesta in about 10days. Then for a final night with the Neals of Richmond.

Sunday 23rd August and before we know it we are at the departures gate at LHR. Up until this point our adventure had seemed distant; the stuff of plans and day dreams. But once you've waved your final goodbyes, checked in your bags and step on a travellator, it all becomes tangible; from now on we are on the go and trusting God is with us!

Challenge accepted: 10 months, 20 countries, 30 churches.

>> Watch this space for our next update - "Take 4: We're off!! 1st stop Sri Lanka" <<