Take 2: When the going gets Tough. Our sponsors #OlympusUK

As we set off on our trip we want to say a big thank you to our surprise corporate sponsors, Olympus, of digital camera fame!

The moral of the story here is: if you don't ask - you don't get. People and even businesses love to get behind daring and unlikely ventures.

The short story, going back a few months now, Kat had asked for a simple and cheap digital camera for her birthday; for us to make the most of our trip. When I set about looking at the options on the market I realised that we could actually do with something more than a bog standard point-and-shoot, both to do justice to the stunning places we plan on visiting, also that we could trust not to break down as a result of a low flying sparrow's fart. That's to say camera's tend to be temperamental! We would want something to capture vivid photo/video moments across our trip.

So it didn't take long to realise the latest 'tough Gear' offering from Olympus, the Stylus TG-4 stood out as the outright favourite in class - light and portable, yet robust enough to survive a few knocks and drops. Waterproof to 15m, high quality res images/RAW, the list goes on...

More specs here: http://www.olympus-global.com/en/news/2015a/nr150421tg4e.jsp 

Kat's birthday was the 15th July, although she knew that I was working on our travel blog, she had no idea it was going live ahead of our trip or that I had written to ask Olympus to sponsor our year of ventures. When Olympus got back to me, they were really keen to support us and make this a surprise birthday present for Kat... But first I needed to prove we could use social media and share a few good shots along the way with #OlympusUK - can't say fairer than that!

A big thanks to Claire Voyle, Senior Marketing Assistant, Consumer Imaging at Olympus UK for taking the time to consider this long-shot request, for smiling and saying YES!

I didnt think we could be any more excited about our trip, but we've been so encouraged and Kat was seriously impressed - it was a great surprise!

Travelling with a TG4 means having confidence to take some great shots in any weather (even under water) with no worries... Scuba and Skydiving are firmly on the to do list!

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