Take 10: Water for Elephants

We decided to spend a few days in Kandi while the Perahera (Buddha's Tooth Festival) was in full swing. Kat had arranged for us to stay with a local family but we were in for a surprise. They had other visitors... an elephant and her keeper. She and her mahout would come for a daily wash before taking to the main stage at the festival.
The mother and daughter at our homestay clearly had a special bond with 'Manika', the lady elephant.
Her favour treat was raw sugar cane. Can safely say we've never met a bigger sugar addict!
She was a big girl but placid with it and didn't seem to mind being climbed on. Her hygienist used coconut husk to exfoliate.
As long as there was sugar she was happy.
Kat getting the exfoliation treatment... The mahouts had their fun too.
'T.I.S.L' - This Is Sri Lanka.