Take 1: We're the Millers!

No, not them... We are the real Millers!

We're a husband and wife team taking a year away from the usual business and trappings of our "normal" work lives. We are travelling the world, spending quality time with family and friends and gaining fresh perspectives. We're young, clearly much more attractive than Hollywood stars and making the most of being child-free for now!

Sunny Southsea is the place we call home. But with good friends, family close to our hearts and projects we support all dotted across the globe, we've decided now's the time to pick up sticks and to connect the dots!

Its been 3 years in the planning, but now only weeks away until we're sat in a Heathrow departure lounge waiting to board a flight headed to Sri Lanka. We're looking forward to getting lost in the crowd at 'The Festival of the Tooth, Riding an Elephant and more poignantly for Panch spending time among the people and villages that were dessimated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami over 10 years ago, this was the major event that sparked his passion and work in emergency/disaster management.

We feel incredibly privileged to set off on an epic adventure which, all going well, will lead us through five continents and some 15+ countries. We have a pair of round the world tickets from STAtravel, an overflowing bucket list and the year ahead to #takeontheworld.

We plan to use this travel blog as our news letter and photo album, and pepper it with personal updates, action shots and musings as we go.

We don't want to vanish off the radar - although there will be times we are backpacking and away from web access, we will try to post photos and updates regularly. So whether you're a Miller, a Rodda, a Goater or a Chirgwin - or even if you don't know us from Adam(!) you're welcome to follow us on twitter, leave some comments or set us daring photo fundraising challenges - all proceeds will be going to the Los Guido Development Project, Costa Rica.

Special thanks:

To family and friends who are a huge support to us as we take on this venture. We are so privileged and blessed by you and hope that what we share will bring you a lot of smiles and leave you inspired for your next trip.

>>Watch this space for our next update and photos<< "Take 2: When the going gets Tough, the Tough get going..."